Nubian Dive Club

Houston's First Ethnic Scuba Dive Club

Who We Are!

The Nubian Dive Club of Houston (NDCH), officially organized in July 1995 and chartered in May 1996. It is the first non-profit, predominately African American Scuba diving club in Houston, Texas. The club is an affiliate of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS).

What We Do!

The Nubian Dive Club of Houston promotes water safety, education and recreational scuba diving trips and activities, as well as land-based community projects . Our major objective is to introduce Scuba diving and water safety to the community, particularly in the inner-city with emphasis in youth development and career opportunity in the field of sport diving, marine archaeology, marine biology, and underwater environmental sciences. We invite scuba divers of all levels to join. Membership is open to anyone regardless of age, color, race, gender, ethnic origin, handicap, religion, or diving ability.

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